10 Cool Places to Take Your Dog!

 We always want to take our best friend everywhere we go, right? Below are ten dog friendly places to take your favorite pup to. Disclaimer: Please, check with the individual establishment before taking your dog in; rules and regulations regarding animals and select breeds vary from location to location.

1. Dog Park

Most cities nowadays have a dog park that you can take your dog to. While there, they can play with other dogs and get some exercise. This is great socialization for you and your pet. If your dog is not up to going to the dog park, there are usually walking paths that you can take them to. The walking paths are an easy way to get your dog more acquainted with meeting new dogs and becoming more social. 

2. Ice Cream Shop

A lot of ice cream shops are located outside and have areas for families to sit, this can include your pet! Plus, who doesn't love ice cream? Some ice cream shops even have specialized ice cream for your Dog!

3. Brewery (for our friends over 21)

Breweries that allow dogs are becoming more prominent. Most states have a few of these and shouldn't be more than an hour or so of a drive. There are also a lot of Wineries that have "Yappy" hour. At "Yappy" hour, you can enjoy discounted wine for you, and treats for your dog!  Note: Please make sure your dog is friendly and okay with tight spaces, most breweries are in smaller quarters. 

4. Yoga

A new trend is taking your dog to yoga classes, or Doga classes to be exact. Doga is a great way to connect with your pup. Doga is performed by a mix of exercises that are very interactive for both parties. Call your local studio to see if any classes are offered. 

5. Baseball Game

Most Baseball teams across the US have dedicated dogs days, where you can bring your furry friend along to help you cheer on your favorite team. For example: The Cleveland Indians' have an annual event called "PuppyPalooza" where everyone is welcome to bring their friendly dogs.

6. Take Your Dog Shopping

While you can't take your dog inside most stores, you can get some exercise with them while window shopping. A lot of outside shopping plazas and malls are dog friendly. Some of these areas even have patio restaurants where you can dine with your Dog. If you want to do some actual shopping with your dog, you can take them into almost any pet store. At the pet store they can pick out their new favorite toy, while you pick out the essentials you need for your Dog. 

7.  Outdoor Festivals

Outdoor festivals are a fun place for both you and your Dog. There are plenty of activities and snacks for both of you to partake in. Your dog would more than likely receive a lot of attention, so make sure your dog is friendly around other adults and  children.

8. Drive In Movie

Some drive in movie theatres allow dogs to be in attendance. This is a wonderful activity for older dogs, as it doesn't have them doing anything very strenuous. Contact your local drive in and ask if your furry friend can come along. 

9. A 5K

If you and your dog both have a lot of energy, a good outlet is a 5K. The vast majority of 5K organizations allow dogs and even encourage them to come. Some 5K's are even dedicated to raising money for certain animal related causes. There are seasonal 5Ks where they allow your dog to be dressed up for it. For example: There's the Monster Mutt dash in Cleveland, Ohio where the dogs can come in costumes.

10. The Spa

There are a few spas spread across the US that allow for you and you dog to get pampered. While you enjoy your pedicure and facial, your dog will be enjoying their own facial and "Pawdicure". This is a great way for you and your pet to have a relaxing day together. 


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