5 Things Every New Puppy Owner Should Know

  Adopting a pet of any kind can be very fun and exciting. Whether you have an adult dog already or are adopting a puppy for the first time, here are some things to remember before you adopt your new friend:

1. They are a Lifelong Commitment

  We've all seen the posts online after Christmas or Easter asking someone to take a puppy or dog that they adopted as a present for their kids or someone else. They realized that the dog or puppy was too much for them. This should never happen. Understanding that a dog is a big commitment is a point to think about and discuss before you adopt a dog or any pet. 

2. They Require a lot of Time and Patience

  Puppies require a lot of your time and will sometimes push the boundaries of your patience. Puppies will need a lot of training and supervision. Puppies also need a routine, as this will help reinforce any training you do with them. Knowing if you have the extra time for this commitment is very important. 

3. They Will Chew Your Stuff and Have Accidents

  Puppies love to chew. We've all heard stories of how a friend's puppy chewed up a shoe or purse. This is normal. There are some ways to avoid this. You can "Puppy Proof" your house, which makes it easier. There are toys for puppies that can help and will stand up to the amount of chewing they will be doing. Rubber toys are the best way to go, they won't hurt their newly grown teeth and can withstand a lot. While potty training, your puppy will more than likely have accidents. If you maintain their feeding schedule and take them out regularly, this should cut down on the amount of messes that you will have to clean up. 

4. If You Have Another Dog, Introduce Them Properly

  You may have an adult dog already, if that is the case, properly introducing your new puppy is very important. A few best practices to make this transition as smooth as possible are:

  • The initial introduction should be done in a neutral zone. (Park, pet store, etc.)
  • Buy separate food dishes, so that no one is territorial over food.
  • Keep your older dog's toys away from the new puppy. 
  • Make sure each dog has a "safe" space. Somewhere they can each go when they need  break from the other.
  • In the beginning, always supervise interactions.

5. They Will be Your Best Friend

  Your new puppy will steal your heart in no time at all! They will love you just as much as you love them. Best wishes along your journey with a new puppy and we hope that you would consider adopting a puppy from a Rescue or Shelter! Adopt, don't Shop. 


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