Pet Memorial Gifts to Remember a Loved One

Caring for our dogs is one of life's greatest pleasures. Pet parenthood comes with a lot of responsibility, but those tail wags and kisses are worth every early morning walk and late-night trip to the vet. We know our pets can’t be with us forever, but it’s impossible to prepare ourselves for the day when they cross that rainbow bridge.

After our beloved pups pass, we miss their presence and want a way to memorialize them. Pawz has gathered this list to help keep their love alive. These are a few great ways to remember your pup and never forget the love they brought you. 

Why Have a Pet Memorial?

Grief is not the same for everyone, so we know that celebrating your doggo’s memory won’t be either. Still, there are so many benefits to having a pet memorial in your home. For one, memorials can help us find closure. When someone you love passes, you need to go through the stages of grief to move on. Acceptance doesn’t need to mean forgetting, though. 

That’s why we have pet memorials. It’s okay to move on after the death of a loved one — we will never forget our adorable pets, and healing won’t change that. Our pet memorials simply help us love them even after they’re gone. 

What Is a Pet Memorial?

A pet memorial can be anything that helps you love and remember your fur baby. Again, it’s different for everyone and can come in many forms. It could be something tangible that you keep in the house or an activity that’s done in their honor. 

Whatever you choose, the pet memorial needs to be special for you and for your loved one. Make sure it helps you heal and remember your pet. Do something that says I love you and would make them proud. 

What Are Examples of Tangible Memorials?

Most memorials are tangible items — think things you keep, wear, or use that help you remember your pet. We’ve put together a great list of ideas that you’re sure to love. 

Shadow Box

A shadow box is a picture frame box with objects inside. It’s a great way to create a pet memorial that can be displayed in the house in a special spot. Maybe it’s best by the front door so you can say hello and goodbye every time you come and go. Or you can put it in the kitchen where you can remember all those nights of taste testing and “helping” with the dishes. 

Wherever you choose, it’s a great way to keep their collar and favorite toy nearby forever. You could even add a few pictures in the back to make a collage, then add a few of their special items to the box. This way, you can keep them together and create a special memory. 

Wind Chime

Wind chimes are another wonderful way to keep your pet’s memory alive. Every time the wind blows, you’ll have a reminder of how much you love your pet. It’ll be like a special hello from them that will make you smile. 

Wind chimes can be customized to include a picture of your pet or a paw print. You can even have them engraved with their name. You can also add their collar to the hanger on top of the chimes, where it can hang with them forever. 

Personal Locket

You could have a personalized locket created with your pet’s name. This can also be done as a dog tag if lockets aren’t your thing. Either way, a special necklace with their name on it will be personal and unique to you. 

There are even a few designs on the market that mimic the look of a dog collar. Another great option would be a gemstone pendant in the month of your pup’s birth. Then, you could have a larger hole put into their tag and add it to the necklace. Even if you don’t wear your necklace often, it’s a special reminder of your shared love with your pet. 

Biodegradable Casket

This is a great memorial for someone with a green thumb. Online shops and specialty plant stores now make caskets that are biodegradable. This means you can bury your doggo or their ashes in this casket and use it to grow something. 

Put it directly into the soil in your backyard or into a pot if you don’t have outdoor space. The plant will grow and flower beautifully with a little TLC. This will create a beautiful memorial for your pet and a part of them that can stay with you forever. It will also be something you take care of in their honor which is a wonderful sentiment. 

Personalized Blanket

A specialty blanket with your favorite photo of your pet will keep their memory alive in your home all the time. You can make a quilt if you want to use a lot of pictures or a knit blanket that will be one larger picture. Either way, every time you’re cold, wrap up in your blanket just like you would have wrapped up with your pup. It’ll be reminiscent of all the cuddles you used to share. 

The best part about a memorial blanket for your pet is how customizable this item is. It can be done in color so you never forget the flecks of brown in their coat or in a respectful black and white to match the color scheme of your home. 

Custom Portrait

A lot of talented local talented artists now offer custom paintings of your pets. They can do full color, partial color, or black and white portraits — whatever works best for you. Get a full portrait done from a photo or get really creative. There are even artists out there that will put your dog in famous paintings like the Mona Lisa or Starry Night. 

It’s something that can either be serious or a little whimsical. Whatever you choose, make sure it makes you smile and think of your pup. 

Pawz Swag

We make a lot of cute and fun designs so every dog parent can find the sweater that’s right for them.

Not only do our designs show our love for our pets, but they help care for pets across the country. We donate a portion of our proceeds to our partner, Best Friends Animal Society to help all shelters become no-kill by 2025. That is a beautiful step in the right direction for shelter animals everywhere. 

If you don’t feel comfortable buying a shirt that reads “Dog Mom,” that’s okay. We also have cute tanks that promote our no-kill mission. Check out this awesome maroon tank that reads, “Saving Dogs is Cool.” It’s a talking point for people you meet and you can remember what started your animal rights advocacy in the first place: your beloved pup. 

What Are Examples of Thoughtful Intangible Memorials?

If you’re looking for a different way to honor your pet, there are plenty of other ways to celebrate your amazing companion that are intangible but still create lasting effects. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Donations to Shelters

Here at Pawz, it is our mission to help rescue dogs everywhere. We want to see all shelters become no-kill, and we work hard to help create that change. This is something that you could do in your pet’s name that will help dogs all over the country. Your pet would be so proud of your work, and all the dogs that benefit will be forever grateful. 

No-kill shelters ensure that every dog gets a chance at a full and happy life. By donating to no-kill shelters, you help make this a reality. That is a beautiful lasting effect that you can feel good about. Plus, your pup would have loved it as well! 

Leftover Food

Another great donation to make would be to give away leftover food from your pup. If you know of a few shelters near you, donating food to them will help ensure that all pups have a full belly. These shelters rely on donations and funds from the goodness of people. 

Your dog would be happy to share food they didn’t need anymore with puppies who do. You and your pup can help keep every shelter dog full. That’s a great feeling. 

Blankets and Toys

Did you buy every toy on the market for your fur baby? We do, too. If you find yourself in possession of an abundance of blankets and toys that serve no purpose in your home after your pet passes on, there’s a loving way to pay that love forward. Any blankets or toys that you aren’t using for memorials like shadow boxes, you can donate to pups in need. 

Local shelters always need blankets and toys for shelter dogs. You know how much your best friend loved these cuddly and cute items. Think of how much joy these dogs will get out of them too. They haven’t found their furrever homes just yet, so giving them toys because their families have yet to find them will be a great way to keep your pup’s memory alive. 

Remember all those happy moments with these toys. And now think of all the puppies that will benefit from them as well. We are melting thinking of all the wagging tails. 

We Hope You Found Inspiration

We hope you liked these options and have found a memorial that can help you along your healing journey after your sweet pet passes on. Remembering our pets should always make us smile and bring happiness, so pick the option that brings you the most joy and reminds you of the infectious love your pet shared. 

Our pets will always hold a special place in our hearts. With these memorials, we can ensure their memory warms us and those around us all the time. 


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