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      Dog Dad Gifts - Father’s Day, Birthday & Just Because 

      No matter if you’re known as a dog dad, puppy daddy, dogfather, pawther, or papa — you love your pooch and being his or her proud parent. You brag about your buddy all the time, from how they are the best cuddler in the world to how they are a master at catching frisbees at the park. Let’s have some fun and look at the ways you know you are a dog dad.

      You Know You’re a Dog Dad When…

      • When you open your photo album on your phone, most of the pictures are of your dog. You have to capture all their cute moments, which honestly is every moment.
      • Your dog has stolen your favorite spot on the couch and you sit somewhere else. You can’t disturb their rest!
      • You’ve ever been excited about canceled plans because that means you get to spend more time with your dog.
      • You’ve said longer goodbyes to your dog than to your family members. 
      • You leave the radio on or pick out a dog-attention-grabbing video whenever you leave the house.
      • You’ve been forced out of your bed because your dog has hogged all the space. It truly is a feat of physics on the amount of space your dog can take in the bed!
      • You’ve been late for work because your doggo was enjoying their morning scratch session and you didn’t want to stop.

      Advantages of Being a Dog Dad

      Being a dog dad can be a lot of work, but you know how rewarding it is to have your best friend greet you at the door every day with a wagging tail and some loving licks. Not only do you love your dog, but they are also good for you! Evidence suggests that dogs are beneficial in keeping you healthy by ensuring that you stay more active. 

      Dog owners have been found to be more active than those who do not own dogs, especially in those dreary cold months when it is still important to be active. Even though we may feel like lounging on the couch on those cold weather days, our canine companion will let us know when it is time to get up, get bundled, and get moving. 

      We know that dog ownership also helps with our mood too. Dog owners suffer from depression less frequently than those who do not own pets. When we are sad or nervous, our best bud is there to help keep us calm and our nerves from becoming more frazzled. 

      Another added positive of being a dog dad is having an advantage in the dating scene. Research has found that 50% of Americans may be more interested in going on a date with someone if they are a dog owner. Dog owners can be seen as being friendly and more approachable. If you are a single puppy papa, your dog is a long-term commitment and that can be seen as a positive factor to any potential mates. 

      If you are a dog parent shopping for your dog’s other parent, then you probably already know this research to be true. Your shared fur baby may have been the reason you started dating in the first place!

      PAWZ: Making Gift Giving Easy!

      Dog moms get a lot of attention, so it is only fair that the spotlight is shifted to our dog dads. If you are shopping for yourself, or if you are shopping for that special dog dad in your life, PAWZ has you covered with all the most pawsome dog dad gifts. Our apparel and gifts are perfect for Father’s Day, birthdays, or those “just because” gifts to make him feel special.

      PAWZ offers perfect dog-centric apparel to represent your love for your furry best friend. Our hoodies, crewnecks, and tees are comfy and showcase your pride in being a dog dad. Our products are high-quality and printed in the USA. 

      No matter what the occasion, you can keep that special dog dad looking stylish in our variety of styles. Our Retro Dog Dad Tee features a throwback style that is sure to bring in all the compliments. Our Bearded Dog Dad Tee has a fun saying for a fun dog dad, “Best, Bearded, Beer Lovin’, Dog Dad Ever.” It also comes in a hoodie style for those cold days, with a front pocket to keep treats of course. 

      With a year of difficulty and hardship for so many, we also want to spread some pawsitive vibes through our apparel. The Stay Pawzitive Charcoal Crewneck helps your mindset stay on the bright parts of the day while sending the message of pawzitivity to all you encounter.

      PAWZ offers leashes and collars for dogs, as well as other great gift ideas like socks and blankets. 

      Save the Adorable Animals

      Since we are a dog-centric company, we want to give back to our furry friends. We know that over the course of the pandemic many shelters were emptied due to people wanting companions while being confined at home. 

      However, with many returning to work, or maybe realizing the demand that pet ownership requires, many of these animals are being placed back in shelters and are again looking for their furever home. 

      PAWZ was created to raise awareness and funds for no-kill shelters. Through our partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, we want to save dogs’ lives and find them safe, loving homes. We donate 10% of our profits to no-kill shelters so they can keep their doors open while placing all the puppers with dog moms and dog dads.

      It’s simple: PAWZ keeps you stylish, and you’re helping Best Friends Animal Society make our country no-kill for shelter pets.


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