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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. The only thing that doesn’t change? Our undying love for them. All of them. Do you know what else we love? All those amazing dog moms out there. We see you! 

Dog moms don’t get enough credit for how much time and attention they give to their pups. It’s not easy being a dog mom but they do it with grace. Today is all about celebrating dog moms everywhere. And perhaps throwing out some great reasons why everyone should rescue a pup for their families too!

Puppy Parents on the Rise

That’s right humans. Puppies are replacing babies. No, not like actually replacing babies. But many are opting for fur babies instead of tiny humans. The reason? Well, there are a few, and most have to do with people wanting more freedom. While having a family is fulfilling and beautiful for some, others don’t want the same for themselves. 

Expectations of everyone are changing. With more freedom to determine the trajectory of their lives, people are choosing dogs instead of babies. But what’s the most interesting point? These fur babies are being treated like human babies. 

Seriously, those that choose puppy parenting treat their dogs like others treat infants. There’s no shame in anyone’s game though! Dog moms deserve the same credit human moms get.

Why Are Dog Moms So Awesome? 

Well, for starters, taking care of a dog isn’t foolproof. There are so many variables and what-ifs, just like with human children. Dog moms work hard to keep their fur babies happy, healthy, and thriving. We think this is a beautiful thing, and so do the pups that benefit from all the pampering!

Dog moms love their pups just like human moms love their babies. They deserve Mother’s Day and special mommy gifts all the same. At least kids can at some point take themselves to the bathroom, right?

Rescue When You Can

This is a personal choice, but we definitely support adopting a pup when the opportunity presents itself.  We know that many of you probably want a specific breed and are on lists for purebred puppies. 

It’s ok; it’s your choice and we support your right to pick the pup that’s perfect for you. But if you’re considering both, we do think you should give adoption a little more consideration. 

If you’ve been a part of the PAWZ family for a while, you know our mission. We advocate for and are partnered with Best Friends Animal Society. It is their mission to shift all shelters to no-kill by 2025. So many pups ended up in shelters after the pandemic; with so many at home, a lot of pups were rescued. When everyone went back to their lives, a lot of those pups were returned. 

Thanks to no-kill shelters, these pups still have a chance to find their perfect parents. We love being a part of this journey.

Benefits of Having a Dog

Whether from a rescue or a breeder, having a dog has awesome benefits to our health. This really gives deep meaning to the phrase, “Who rescued who?”

Keeping You Safe

Alarms and security features on our homes help keep intruders out, but dogs are louder about it. Dogs will alert you immediately if anyone comes near your property. They’ll also definitely show some teeth if someone tries to come in. Even small breeds will try their hardest to protect your home. 

Keeping You Active

Having a dog is a great way to add a little more physical exercise to your day. Regardless of size, dogs need at least one to two walks a day. This means that you’ll also be getting out for one to two walks a day with your pup. You’ll also have someone to play fetch in the backyard with. 

Keeping your dog active will keep you active as well. It’s a great system for keeping your pup and yourself healthy. 

Keeping You Happy

Dog moms naturally produce more serotonin than those without a pup. This means that dog moms are happy individuals. Seriously, this is true! Our dogs require socialization, which gets us out of the house. When we socialize we feel less alone and more excited to meet people. These feelings of socialization and excitement help our bodies create happy feelings. 

Dog moms also get extra shots of that happiness just from coming home. You might be relieved to be home after a long day. Imagine how excited your pup will be to see you. This excitement to see us helps boost our mood. 

We don’t deserve dogs. 

Help Spread the Word

Dogs are amazing, and rescue dogs need our help. Spreading the word and advocating for no-kill shelters is important. If you want to get involved, we love that for you! By being a member of the Pawz family, you can do just that. 

Any purchase from our website is a donation to Best Friends Animal Society. We donate a portion of all of our proceeds to them and their efforts to turn all shelters no-kill. Our incredibly adorable dog mom collection will keep you looking cute, and raise money for a great cause. 

If you need help, take a look at our Pawz Simple Dog Mom Black Print Crewneck. The cotton-poly blend will fit great and keep you cozy. The simple print and style is the perfect style for your daily walks or trips to the dog park. 

Keep Being Amazing

Dog moms, you are amazing. Your pups love you as much as you love them and it shows. We are so confident that there is the perfect dog mom sweater for you on our site. And we know that wearing them with so much meaning sewed in is the icing on the cake.


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