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      It’s no secret that we would climb mountains to ensure the happiness of our fur babies. Seriously, we would climb Mt. Everest to show how much we love our pups — we’re just hoping that situation never actually presents itself.

      In all seriousness, we love our pups, and we want them to be as happy as they make us. So, we can’t help but wonder about all those pups that are still looking for their furrever home. 

      Who’s buying those pups their favorite lovey or chew toy? Well, it could be you! Today’s article is all about PAWZ products that can help you show shelter dogs a little love while they wait to find their loving dog momma. 

      Studies prove that dogs help boost our moods and serotonin levels and give us companionship for their entire lives. Dogs do so much for us; let’s show our furry BFFs how much we appreciate all that they do. 

      How Does PAWZ Help Shelter Pups?

      We love helping doggos everywhere, not just the ones in our homes. That’s why we created the donate to a dog section on our site. Here, you’ll find opportunities to buy a little special something for dogs in shelters nationwide. Through our partners, we donate the pet supplies you purchase to a pup that’s in need. 

      As much as we want to adopt every dog we see, we know that we can’t save them all single-handedly. Thankfully, we can help more pups than we can house with just a small (and really adorable) donation of the following items: 

      Doggy Bed

      We can all agree that our bed is one of the most important places we spend time. Between the throw pillows and the oversized comforters, beds are a little slice of heaven. 

      Of course, our pups love their dog beds just as much as we love ours! That’s why we offer doggy beds to donate to a shelter dog in need. This gives pups waiting to get comfy in their new home a pawfect place to wait. 

      Although some shelters and pet adoption centers provide pet beds for their pups, they’re not exactly the cutest or most comfortable options. PAWZ’s doggie beds provide cute patterns to spruce up their space and offer them a safe place to be in their kennel. 

      Going to a new home — no matter how exciting we know it’s going to be — can be nerve-wracking for pups. Thankfully, they’ll have their own special bed to curl up into if their new surroundings get overwhelming. Pups get a bed to keep forever, so they can have a piece of home while they wait for their furever home.

      Our Fur Baby’s Baby

      We also offer plush pals to donate to shelter dogs. Remember how attached we were to our baby dolls or action figures as children? These pups are craving that same sense of companionship. It’s a little bit funny, but our furry companions could actually use a companion of their own. Luckily, there are tons of pawdorable stuffed animals and toys that can be our fur baby’s best buddy.  

      From what experts have been able to decipher, dogs have one special toy because it reminds them of being a puppy. There’s something nostalgic for dogs about having a special baby of their own. Doesn’t that make your heart just melt? 

      While these shelter dogs are waiting for their family to find them, they are also waiting for their lovey. Thankfully, you can donate their lovey to them and check something off their puppy wish list. Now, they’ll have something to show off to their new family. 

      Their Shiny Teeth and Them

      Where would we be without our gum or chewy snacks to chop on? Literally lost, right? That’s how dogs feel about having a nice bone or dog treat to chomp on. To keep dogs from chewing on everything in our homes (let’s take a moment of silence for all of our shoes that have been ruined), we give them chew toys to channel their energy somewhere healthy. 

      Once they’re able to put it together that furniture is a “no,” but the bones are a “go,” they’ll reach exclusively for their toys when the craving calls. That’s why we also offer rubber bone toys for shelter dogs. A thick rubber bone will keep them occupied for hours. 

      Many dogs chew when they’re anxious, and waiting for a family can set off the nerves from time to time. Helping your pup find their zen is a big part of animal care. With a nice rubber bone to chew on, they’ll be perfectly content (and well-behaved!) when their perfect family comes to meet them. 

      What’s even better? Their new family won’t have to go through all the growing pains of training them to chew on bones, not on the coffee table. They’ll already know! You’re changing so many lives with such a small gift.

      You’re the Best!

      Thank you for being a hero to a pup waiting to find their family. A little animal welfare goes a long way. These loveys will stay with them no matter where life takes them, whether a farm or a high-rise apartment in the city. We don’t expect everyone to understand the joy that dogs bring to our lives — but just in case they’re interested, there’s a list of nine reasons why here.  

      Just think of all those tail wags some sweet pup somewhere is experiencing right now because of your kind donations. We are so thankful you love pups as much as we do and that you’re a part of the PAWZ family!


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