Fall T-Shirts, Hoodies, Crewnecks, Long Sleeves

      The summer is famous for sipping lemonade by the pool. The winter has the holiday season, complete with glossy presents, decorates, and hot cocoa. SPring has the prettiest blooming flowers that melt away the chill.

      But fall? Fall is famous in its own right. Everyone loves when the cooler temps bring in colorful leaves, pumpkin patches, and apple picking. You’ve been more than ready for the summer heat to fade away and to welcome temperatures that require you to bundle up a little. Can we say hello to sweater weather? Not to mention, it’s pumpkin spice season!

      Your furry best friend is also looking forward to cooler temperatures. This means more time spent outside crunching the fallen leaves and exploring corn mazes and fall festivals. The pavement is nice and cool and safe for little puppy paw pads, and the sun warms their tummies just right when they get belly rubs.

      Best of all, it’s time to shop for a whole new fall wardrobe. Let’s get started:

      Pick of the Patch!

      PAWZ has you set for all the perfect fall t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, and long sleeves you’ll need for the fall season. You’ll be looking fall-tastic, showing off your love for your pup, and you’ll be ready for any blustery days that come your way.

      Check out the PAWS Flora Heart Hoodie, the perfect addition to your wardrobe when you want to combine your love for your pet and the fall colors. Orange, yellow, green, and red flowers and leaves paired with our PAWZ logo will have you looking ready for a day out and about.

      Need a base layer for your outdoor adventures? If you have some fall hikes on your bucket list, hit the trails with your furry bestie while wearing our PAWZ Colorful Hiking White Tee. Your tee will be right on trend and you’ll enjoy sharing all the views with your hiking companion.

      As Thanksgiving comes around, you can let everyone know who you are thankful for with our PAWZ Thankful For My Dog Crewneck. The fun script and fun colors of this crewneck will have you cozy and comfortable as you go back for seconds (or thirds or fourths).

      Furry Fall Fun

      You won’t be-leaf all the fun you can have with your furry four-legged pal during this season. Pumpkin patches are the perfect place for your pup to sniff around, not to mention the adorable Dog Mom photo opportunities that will present themselves.

      Apple orchards are also great outdoor places to take your dog. They’ll love being around all the people picking apples and will probably get a few pets from adoring strangers (aka their adoring fans) as well. Sniffs will abound with all the trees and tart, sweet apples.

      After the sun has set, cuddle up in your PAWZ blanket with your pooch and share a dog-friendly apple treat straight from the oven.


      We can’t talk about fall and not mention Halloween! Finding the perfect costume for your pup may have you searching the internet for weeks. Will they be a cute banana or a bumblebee?

      Another important question: will you dress up with your dog as well? Who could resist the perfect pairing between you and your lovable pup? That’s where the PAWZ Halloween Collection comes in — all treats, no tricks.

      The Halloween season also calls for you to keep a watchful eye to make sure that your dog doesn’t get into anyone’s candy stash. Just like us, some of our pooches just can’t resist the sweet smell of candy and chocolate.

      Most candy is still made with regular sugar, but some are made with a sweetener called xylitol. If your pup breaks into someone's hard-earned Halloween bucket, make sure that none of the candy they ingested contained this sweetener. If you suspect that they did (or swallowed a wrapper), go ahead and bring them to the veterinarian.

      The same goes for any candy containing raisins. We may love snacking on chocolate and yogurt-covered raisins, but these are types of treats that aren’t good for our dogs.

      We are all aware that chocolate is also a big no-no for our dogs. Chocolate contains compounds that just don't agree with their digestive systems. If your dog does happen to sneak off with a few bites of chocolate, be sure to call your veterinarian. Considerations include how much chocolate was ingested as well as the type of chocolate and your dog’s weight.

      If your dog didn’t get into too much chocolate, they might just experience some tummy troubles while their body digests the rest. Your veterinarian will be able to tell you if you’ll need to bring your pup in for additional monitoring or if you can monitor from home.

      Let’s Fall Together and Join the Movement

      Here at PAWZ, we love animals, and we love fashion. Putting the two together was a no-brainer, and PAWZ was born. We want all animals to have warm and loving homes, and our mission is to save all the dogs.

      We want to raise awareness and funds to help save dogs and find them loving homes. We are a proud supporter of no-kill animal shelters and donate 10% of our profits to local and national no-kill animal shelters and animal welfare organizations.

      We partner with Best Friends Animal Society to bring more awareness and support shelter dogs across the nation. Best Friends works with animal shelters and rescue groups by providing ways to increase the number of animals they can rehome in their communities.

      As fellow animal lovers, we know that we all want to help make a difference in animals' lives but may not have the time or be in a location to volunteer. Join our community, and know that when you make a purchase with us, you also help animals find a home.

      It’s simple: PAWZ keeps you stylish, and you’re helping Best Friends make our country no-kill for shelter pets.