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Road Trip

It’s no secret that our pups make the best travel buddies. That’s why, this year, you should definitely consider a few road trips to anywhere and everywhere.

We love the idea of a few days of traveling the open road and exploring the world around us. Your pup probably loves letting their ears flop around with their heads sticking out of the car window… wearing safety goggles, of course!

But what would a perfect road trip be without the perfect wardrobe? Nothing, we tell you, nothing.

Today, we are getting in the driver’s seat to show you all the best that our Road Trip Collection has to offer and even give you some tips for traveling with your pup! Get your hiking shoes ready; we’ve got a lot to cover.

Road trips call for the perfect combo of comfort and style. Let’s review the fashion that drives us.

Shirt for a Day of Driving

Those days of driving from one location to another can be fun, but only when you’re comfortable. Thankfully your pup has the perfect spot to enjoy the fresh air, and you’ve paired our PAWZ Trail of Hope White Tee with the perfect biker shorts to keep you cool and comfy all day long.

Every stop you make will get you noticed for your cute and simple style and you’ll be happy to share the details on your favorite pup-inspired brand. It’s the perfect conversation starter for people (Dogs have it so much easier, don’t they?).

Walking Around New Cities

All this driving leads to somewhere, right? For those days you spend exploring new cities, try pairing your tees with wide-leg jeans or a cute pair of cutoff shorts.

Either way, your PAWZ tee will keep you casual but so cute. You’ll fit in with locals, but all eyes will be on you and your four-legged travel pal.

Nice Dinners on the Road

You can’t travel to all these new places without trying some of the cuisines these cities have to offer. This means you’ll need some outfits that transition from day to night really easily.

For these days, you’ll want to pair one of our cute road trip tees, like our PAWZ Jazz Dog Heather Indigo Tee with a skirt. It’ll keep you comfortable all day and transition to a nice dinner somewhere in the city perfectly. Plus, the abstract design is the perfect artistic touch.

The Best Co-Pilot: Tips for Road Tripping With Dogs

We can’t finish this read without making sure we give you tips to keep your pup happy the whole way.

Next, we have a few items to remember to have the best adventure ever.

The Right Paperwork

Make sure that you have licenses, vaccination records, and any other pertinent paperwork with you at all times. Different states require different permits and paperwork, so having it on hand throughout your trip will keep everyone safe. Put this paperwork in its own PAWZ dog-themed bag to make sure you can find it faster than a Golden Retriever chasing down a ball.

Pit Stops

You need to get where you’re headed, but make sure you plan enough stops for your pup. Ensure that your furbaby has adequate water and food throughout the day, and make sure that you have pit stops planned where they can get out and stretch their legs. You’ll also need puppy bags for when they do their business.

Keep It Comfy

Even if your pup likes to sit on your lap or just from the front to the back, make sure they have a designated spot for naps. A dog-friendly blanket and a toy in their favorite spot will mean that they stay comfortable and settled for the whole trip.

While they will be happiest with you, of course, long drives can get stressful for them. Their favorite toys and familiar smells on worn-in blankets will keep them calm no matter how far your journey is.

Why Our Brand

There are plenty of fish in the sea and a lot of options for pup-inspired graphic tees. But they don’t bring to the table everything we are, and we know this sets us apart. You can trust the products you get from us and feel good about wearing them.

Here’s why:

Our Quality (and Style) Can’t be Beat

Not only does our cotton-polyester blend give you the best fit no matter how often you wear our tees, but the sizing and hemline mean you have versatility.

The longer hemline gives you a variety of wearing options, and the unisex sizes make it universally flattering, no matter your body type. Plus, try looking at our PAWZ Trail of Hope Orchid Tee without becoming obsessed. It’s impossible, we swear.

Seriously, graphic tees are totally trending. Right now is the perfect time to invest in our shirts to make sure you look fashionable 24/7.

Friends Fur-Ever and Ever

In addition to offering you the absolute most comfort imaginable, our tees do so much more. We ship our tees from the U.S., which means we are ensuring quality with every purchase by keeping our operations in our backyards.

What’s even better? Every purchase you make on our site is a donation in your name to no-kill shelters nationwide. We love our pups more than anything, but we also love all those pups around the country that are waiting for their fur-ever families.

Donating to no-kill shelters means that every single one of those furbabies has the opportunity to go home with their perfect humans. Takes “look, good, feel good” to a whole new level, doesn’t it?

Happy T(r)ails!

We are confident that our collection of road trip-inspired tees is perfect for all your future adventures. You’ll feel good, not just because our tees are the best but also because your purchases all go to a good cause.

This, coupled with our tips and tricks for wearing your tees and taking your pups on the road, you are all set for a lifetime of fun and furry adventures to come.

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