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      Faith In Your Heart, Fur Covered Everything Else

      For many, faith is a central part of life. It lives in the hearts of many who continue living with hope day after day that they have a higher calling to live for here on Earth and in the afterlife. Faith is the structure that so many cling to day by day for comfort and happiness. When you have faith, you also have inner respect and compassion for your fellow human and all other living creatures. 

      While a person’s faith may be among the top of the list in order of importance, if they are a pet parent, you will find their fur child at the top as well. Along with faith, having a pet can also be a great comfort and a way to add structure to our daily lives.

      After all, someone will need to feed and walk your furry best pal! Just like faith, a pet is there for you in good times and bad. A pet is a wonderful support when you’ve had a bad day or you are just feeling down. 

      PAWZ knows that you value your faith and being the best pet parent ever. Our Spiritual Vibes Collection combines the two most important parts of your life into wearable graphic tees, crews, and hoodies that allow you to stand firm in your beliefs and wear your heart on your short or long sleeve. 

      Our I Trust God & My Dog Hoodie is an adorable hoodie you can wear taking your dog on walks on chilly fall afternoons. Faith and positivity go hand in hand, or should we say paw in paw? Either way, our Stay Pawzitive Maroon Tie Dye Tee is a powerful message on a retro crewneck that combines cute and comfort in an effortless combination.

      Hamsa Hand & Spirituality

      The Hamsa hand is known across many religions and continents. You might not know the symbol by its name, but you have almost certainly seen it. It is a hand with five fingers, three fingers in the middle and two thumbs on each side. You may see the hand pointing in an upright or downward direction.

      There are intertwining designs on the hand and an eye on the palm, the main focal point. It is one of the oldest symbols in history. The symbol has been found on artifacts dating back to almost 1800 BC. As such, it is older than all the world’s major religions. 

      The Hamsa hand is known all over for being a symbol of protection. It is said to protect against evil and offers the wearer protection against the “evil eye.” It can be seen across history in the world’s religions, which is a rarity for a symbol to show up in many places.

      The Hamsa is often considered a unifier for those who follow any of the world’s faiths. People from various backgrounds can see the same symbol and feel comforted that they know this symbol will bring protection. Today, it can be seen in jewelry, religious t-shirts, and home decor. Popular styles include necklaces and earrings with the symbol instructed in different stones and gems. 

      What Does the Hamsa Mean?

      The Hamsa hand is said to offer different protections when facing certain directions. When the fingers are facing upwards, it is a protector against any outwardly and inwardly evil. The wearer is protected against physical harm, thoughts of anger, jealousy, and other negative thoughts. When the fingers are facing downwards, the Hamsa hand is said to bring the wearer good luck in the form of answered prayers. 

      Feel confident and catch the spiritual vibes in our short sleeve PAWZ Black Hamsa Yellow Tee. With this tee and your dog close by, you’ll have all the good vibes, whether you are hanging out at home or out on the town. 

      Catch the Good Vibes With PAWZ

      At PAWZ, we have a wide range of collections, from our Patriotic Collection, so you can rep the American Flag where you go to unisex apparel that men and women love.

      A person’s faith and spirituality can bring good and light into their lives. For many, that good and light are like a mirror; you want to also bring that same feeling to others. We share the same sentiment at PAWZ, and we like to bring good to all the pups who need safe and loving homes.

      Faith Hope Love — A Rescue Mission

      We created PAWZ so we could save all the dogs. We are a group of animal lovers who also love fashion. We saw the need for all the pets out there who need loving homes and the need for comfortable tees and hoodies that we could design with our love of dogs in mind.

      We know how busy life can be, so it is a win-win when you can buy comfortable and long-lasting garments and help your animal community. When you make a purchase with PAWZ, a portion of our profits go back out into the community through local and no-kill animal shelters to raise awareness and money to help save dogs' lives.

      We partner with Best Friends Animal Society and donate 10% of our net profits to this great organization. Their goal is to help shelters across the country with lifesaving techniques so our entire country can become no-kill.

      When you shop with PAWZ, you know you are shopping for high-quality best sellers that pair the important parts of your life with comfort and style. You also help your community by helping to save all the animals. It’s simple: PAWZ keeps you stylish, and you’re helping Best Friends make our country no-kill for shelter pets.