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Summer is coming! We know that you and your fur baby are ready for those dog days of summer. From sunning your tummies in the backyard to enjoying cool treats, you and your four-legged buddy are looking forward to the happy times that these sunshine-filled days bring.

Summer Fruit Styles

We know your pup loves a fruit treat, and you can keep cool in the summer too with our PAWZ summer fruit-themed tops. We have the cutest tees and crewnecks to keep you stylish all summer long. 

Our PAWZ Caribbean Tye Dye Banana Dog Mom Tee is the perfect addition to your collection of dog mom merch. The blue and white dye pattern screams summer, and you’ll go bananas for the adorable Dog Mom logo on the front. 

For Dog Moms who prefer a watermelon snack, our PAWZ Watermelon Dog Mom Black Tee and PAWZ Coral Tie Dye Watermelon Dog Mom Tee rep you and your pup’s favorite sweet summer treat with a delightful, watermelon-printed twist on our classic Dog Mom logo. This top even comes in light pink, so you can have a short sleeve tee for every outing with your pup.

For cold evening walks on the beach with your pawfect pup, throw on our PAWZ Pineapple Light Pink Long Sleeve, our PAWZ Watermelon Green Crewneck, or our PAWZ Strawberry Print Light Pink Crewneck to stay warm. These casual tops and graphic tees look great with leggings, jeans, or even beach-ready maxi skirts. Their loose fit makes these women’s summer tops easy for layering with camisoles, button-down shirts, or activewear for any summer activity.

PAWZ’s summer fruit styles feature every delicious morsel under the sun from oranges to strawberries and everything in between. No matter your summer vibe, PAWZ has you covered with the cutest styles to show your dog mom pride!

If you’re wondering where you can wear these paw-dorable best sellers, we’ve got a few ideas for summer fun with your pup. 

Give Your Doggo Some Summer Treats

Of course, summer is all about the treats! Ice cream, popsicles, and (of course!) summer fruits are all tasty ways to stay cool and hydrated. 

A lick or two from an ice cream cone is okay for your dog, but it’s best to not allow them to indulge in a full cup of ice cream. The dairy and sweeteners can be rough on your dog’s tummy. Fortunately, there are plenty of cool treats created just for dogs on the market so they don’t have to miss any fun.

As you might’ve guessed from our delicious line of fruit-themed short sleeve t-shirts, crewneck sweatshirts, long-sleeve tops, and hoodies, dogs also love fruit. Frozen bananas, apples, or strawberries are yummy ways to give your dog a sweet and healthy treat.

Just remember, there are some fruits that dogs cannot have, like cherries and plums ‚ÄĒ there‚Äôs a reason we don‚Äôt have a grape-themed dog mom v-neck!

If you are not sure if your pup can have a certain fruit, consult with your dog’s veterinarian to make sure.

Play and Paddle With Your Pup

Summer splashing is a fun way to play with your fur angel and keep cool. If you have a water-loving dog, you know how much they enjoy a paddle. If your dog hasn’t taken a dip before, we have some helpful tips for your pupper to enjoy some splishing and splashing.

Always monitor your dog while swimming. If you see that they are getting tired from all the paddling, bring them to a more shallow area. Of course, you may have to do a little bribing with treats, but being a dog owner you are well aware of the effect a tasty treat can have. A piece of watermelon, anyone?

For your shorter-legged furry friends, a life vest is a smart choice to help with staying buoyant in the water. Added points if you get the life vest with the shark fin on the back! 

After your swim session is over, be sure to rinse your dog off. Pool chemicals or salt from the ocean can irritate sensitive skin. Sand or mud could also be in your dog’s fur, and giving them a quick rinse will save the sand or mud from ending up in your car or house. 

Take a Nighttime Walk

Layer your favorite summer fruit crewneck sweater over a tank top and bask in the cool summer nights. Show off your pup’s new summer haircut, and make some friends as you walk along the beach, the lake, or around your neighborhood.

The warm air, pretty sunset, and your best friend make for a peaceful and pleasant way to end the day. When taking your dog on a walk, check the sidewalk or road and make sure it isn’t too hot for their tootsies. If it’s too warm for you, it’s too warm for them. Confine your walk to the grass or dirt to keep your dog’s paws cool. 

Shopping for a Cause

PAWZ is more than just a (paw-dorable) fashion statement. We’re here to help dogs across the country get the loving home they deserve.

Our mission at PAWZ is to raise money and awareness to help dogs find safe, caring homes. Our pups are a part of the family, and we want every little angel to find their furever home. We are a proud supporter of no-kill shelters and donate 10% of our net profits to local and national no-kill animal shelters and welfare organizations through our partnership with Best Friends Animal Society. 

Summer is all about creating fur-ever memories with your favorite furry pal. Here at PAWZ, we want you to enjoy all the days you can with your dog and keep you looking stylish at the same time. Check out all of our products, and know that when you purchase a PAWZ product you join a community of millions of people who are raising awareness about saving dogs. 


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