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      Tie-Dye One on for the Pups

      No-kill shelters, tie-dye, and you. Three things that seem unrelated, but in fact have a profound relationship. Confused? We know it’s been pretty cryptic so far, but we are getting there we promise. 

      Today is all about how tie-dye can help YOU help no-kill shelters. No, that’s not a typo. Pawz’s mission is centered around shelters. Specifically, no-kill shelters. That’s why we are partners with Best Friends Animal Society. They are working to get all United States animal shelters to no-kill by 2025. Through our company, you can be part of the change as well. 

      Why Advocate?

      Did you know that there are 22 million dogs living in underserved communities? Underserved communities are communities living at or below poverty. These are people that unfortunately don’t make a liveable wage. Dogs living in these areas are generally strays, homeless, or in shelters when possible with their owners. The people in these areas are at a disadvantage meaning that there aren’t any resources left for dogs that need homes. 

      So we advocate for these pups and the shelters they live in to help them find their furrever homes. They need our voices to reach those in neighboring communities and find the perfect addition to their family. 

      How to Advocate

      There are plenty of ways to advocate for shelter pups, and none of them require you to be a millionaire!

      The Power of Social Media

      Almost all of us use social media in some capacity. Why not use it for the pups? You can follow no-kill shelters or organizations that promote rescue dogs. After you’re following, you’ll be able to share their information with your followers to spread the word. 

      When you make donations, you can also share this with your friends. If you have a birthday or special occasion coming up, you could ask for donations in your honor instead of gifts. Every year, you could do a fundraiser on your social media and raise money for the shelter of your choice. We highly recommend perusing the Best Friends website for a how-to on fundraising

      Spreading the Word

      You can also use your sociability skills to your advantage. Working in a few sentences about no-kill shelters can be a great way to advocate for rescue dogs. It might take a few minutes of conversation, but everyone can at least hear you out. 

      We don’t expect a clipboard and a donation slip ready. But getting the word out there for our shared cause can reach a lot of people. Think about every person you tell, telling at least five people of their own. Then five more people, and so on and so forth. It won’t be long till the reach is massive and spans states and cities. 

      So How Do We Tie in Tie-Dye?

      That’s where PAWZ comes in. With our partners at Best Friends Animal Society, we make no-kill shelters and helping rescues our top priority. If you haven’t yet, check out our tie-dye collection (we told you it would all make sense). 

      Our styles are cute and trendy. They’re sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons. But let us tell you why a purchase with us means so much more than a cute new top. 

      Purchase With Purchase

      In addition to the clothes being oh so cute, did you know that every purchase made is also a donation? That’s right, we donate a portion of all of our proceeds to help advocate for no-kill shelters all over the U.S. This means every shirt you buy is a donation. We are determined to make a difference. Everything you buy from us is a step toward our goals. 

      Cutest Styles 

      We have so many styles we love, but our Pawz Cotton Candy Simple Dog Mom Tie-Dye Cropped Hoodie is definitely a fave. The colors are vibrant and the cropped style is a great look for weekend brunch or running errands. How cute is a cropped hoodie at the beach with your pup? Seriously so versatile and cute. 

      The dog mom print on the front means that even when you can’t take your pup, you’ll be able to represent for them. When people ask where you got your hoodie, you’ll know you’re making a difference. Each item they purchase is the same donation you made. You’re a trendsetter and a hero!

      Comfiest Buys

      In addition to the cute style, our hoodies and shirts are made with the best quality. Sweaters come in a cotton/poly blend. So the style will be comfortable and fitted with a little stretch for movement. 

      Our tees are made from 100% preshrunk cotton. So wear and wash won’t be an issue for the fit. Our Pawz Boho Tribal Forest Green Tie-Dye Tee is one of the cutest styles and looks great in every season. The cute paw print on the back features a black and white tribal print and the logo on the front has it as well. Again, it’s a cute and comfy fit and style that can be worn anywhere you need to be. It’ll also get the conversation started about PAWZ and what we do!

      Made Here, Ships Everywhere

      We also print all of our hoodies and tees in our backyard. By creating our clothing in the United States, we are able to ensure quality before shipping to you. Don’t live in the U.S.? No problem! We make everything here for quality, but we ship worldwide so everyone can get in on the cuteness.

      Spread the Word!

      We are so confident that you’ll love our products. And we know that the donations and meaning behind every purchase will resonate with you forever. Advocating for rescues and no-kill shelters is important, but shouldn’t be difficult. We know that being a part of the PAWZ family will be a purposeful (and cute!) adventure for you and your pup. 


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