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Canvas Tote Bags & Backpacks for Dog Lovers

Every day, we find ourselves needing more than just our set of hands to carry all the items we need for work, running errands, or out on the town. Keys, phones, water bottles, and wallets are just some of the things we need on a daily basis. That doesn’t even include the bigger stuff, like an extra set of clothes for the gym or a place to stow your lunch. 

If you are taking your furry best pal along (of course you are!), you’ll need to carry their supplies too. They’ll need a water bottle and a bowl or cup to drink out of. Add in some treats or food, waste bags, and maybe a cute bandana.

If you are going to a park or outdoor event, you can’t forget a towel or thin blanket to give your pup a comfy spot to lay. How in the world are you supposed to carry all of your items and your pup’s items? 

We have an easy and adorable solution. PAWZ has the cutest canvas tote bags and backpacks to help you cart around all the items you and your pup need. Our variety of totes makes it easy peasy to keep all of your and your pup’s essentials in one place with easy access.

These doggy-themed best sellers will keep you looking pawsome:

A Fun Floral Tote

Our Wildflower Dog Mom Tote is an adorable canvas reusable tote bag that can double as a grocery bag if you and your furry friend want to check out a farmer’s market on a weekend morning. The design is also cute enough to be a part of the obligatory farmer’s market picture you have to take with your dog. 

The Improved Purse for Dog Moms

This 100% cotton canvas tote bag literally screams “dog mom.” This large tote is as cute as her favorite messenger bag and as practical as her heavy-duty boat tote.

Dog moms” is truly its own fashion category, and we are here to support that every single day. From coffee doggy dates to group hikes to dog birthday parties, dog moms need the goods to rep their good boys and girls in style. 

A Chic Tie-Dye Drawstring Bag

If you need to operate hands-free, our Blue Ocean Dog Lover Drawstring Bag is a great choice for hiking trips or a day at the beach where you need to carry multiple items at once. Thanks to their long shoulder straps, drawstring bags are fantastic as gym bags or hiking bags.

This reusable tote bag has a luxe fleece lining to cushion any electronics and a cinch closure to keep items safe from falling out. The spiral blue and black design will help you stand out from the crowd and help you quickly locate your bag if mixed in with others. 

Eco-Friendly, High-Quality, Super Cute 

Carrying a canvas tote or backpack will help lower your plastic consumption. Keep these reusable bags by the door or in your car so you’ll be reminded to grab them wherever you go grocery shopping or traveling.

Just like any other habit, it takes conscious effort to develop. With a little practice, you’ll be the most eco-friendly shopper around; your backpack or book bag will be your new best friend (in second place to your pup, of course).

Why Is Plastic So Bad for the Environment?

Plastic bags take up to one thousand years to degrade. Even then, they don’t totally break down; they become microplastics that pollute the environment and our bodies. Plastic bags can be mistaken for food by animals like birds and turtles. Single-use bags can also make up a majority of unsightly trash and litter clogging up the sides of highways and roads. 

Since we have a common need to go to the store and local grocery shops, cutting out the use of single-use plastic bags is a great first step in the direction of becoming more environmentally cautious.

Reusable plastic bags aren’t just for the grocery store. You can use reusable bags as beach totes when hitting up the dog-friendly beaches or as travel bags on your next dog road trip adventure. Or, go super creative and use a reusable shoulder tote as a gift bag for your favorite dog mom (include a new dog-themed t-shirt for the ultimate deluxe surprise).

Plastic Bag Bans: What You Do You Need To Know 

Numerous cities and states have banned plastic bags, while other localities charge for the use of plastic bags. Other states are likely to join in the near future.

Soon, it’ll likely be rare to see a plastic bag. Reusable bags will become more commonplace, and you’ll be well prepared with your collection of PAWZ tote bags and backpacks. You’ll also be able to show off your iconic sense of style with our adorably designed bags. 

Help All the Dogs

There is nothing better than combining looking chic and showing off your love of being a dog parent. PAWZ helps keep things simple by making sure you look stylish and helping dogs live their best lives. 

Whenever you purchase apparel and accessories from PAWZ, you create a powerful ripple effect. Not only are you showing off your fab style, but you are also helping support no-kill shelters across America. 10% of our net profits go to local and national no-kill animal shelters and animal welfare organizations, like Best Friends Animal Society. 

Do your part as a pet lover and help raise awareness and save dogs. Check us out and see how you can show off your love of dogs and help all the dogs find loving and safe homes, all while shopping and wearing our long-lasting, comfortable clothes and accessories.

Shop around to your heart’s content, and know that when you purchase a PAWZ product, you are joining a community of millions of people who are raising awareness about saving dogs. 

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