10 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

We all love giving gifts that strike an emotional chord with the recipient. Gifts are meant to show those we love just how much we love them. But what do you get the puppy parent that has it all?

Dog parents are a special group of humans that put their canine companions ahead of everything else. We love them for their bumper stickers that say, “Who rescued who?” and the cuddles we get to share with their angel babies. If you’re trying to figure out how to show the dog moms and dads in your life how much your care, PAWZ has you covered. 

What Are the Best Gifts for Dog Lovers?

Today, we’re diving into the best gifts for dog lovers. We are talking about the best gifts to show those dog mommies and daddies how well you know them with presents that really speak to the heart. These are the people in our life that put their fur babies ahead of everything else, and they deserve a gift that shows we noticed their hard work. 

If you’ve ever struggled with what to get the dog lovers in your life, struggle no more. We’ve put together this list for new dog parents and experienced dog parents alike. Here are the top dog lover gifts that will sure to have them howling. 

Welcome Home Bundle

The perfect gift for a new pet parent is a welcome home bundle. A new puppy or adult dog in the house can be a difficult adjustment. Both humans and pups can feel a little overwhelmed with all the changes. A welcome home bundle is a thoughtful way to help your bestie build trust and love with their new pup.  

Welcome home bundles can include anything that might be useful. You can never have enough poop bags, and all-natural treats and chewy cookies are a must for new doggie parents. They’ll help with training and keep the pup feeling good. There are even treat subscription boxes available to spread the love month after month.

Better yet, a dishwasher-safe peanut butter toy can keep their new baby entertained — and munching on something other than your socks and sweaters.

A sweet lovey or a pack of balls, bones, or chew toys would be awesome, too. Balls will give the new pair a chance to bond and play together. 

Accessories like a leather harness, leash, or collar are also some must-have gear that any new pet owners can appreciate. Tie the gift together with a DNA test for their fur baby, so they can know exactly which dog breeds make their angel special.

Pro tip: Put your gift in a bin that can be reused to house items for the new pup even after your present is opened!

Dog Couch

Most dog parents don’t mind their animals on the human furniture — it’s just another place to snuggle! But if your friend rescued a rather large breed, a dog couch might be the perfect addition to their home. Dog beds and comfy carriers are a must, but a dog couch adds a little extra puppy love for your pooch.

There are plenty of options on the market, so matching one to the home will be easy. These are really cute and help with giving your dog lover’s fur baby personal space in a shared room. 

A great part of buying a dog couch for the dog lover in your life? It’s something that is so useful that they might never have considered for themselves. Most dog parents have so much to remember and to purchase for their pup that some of these items don’t make the list. You’ll be buying them something that is so special for their animal. Do we sense a Friend of the Year award coming?

Training Toys and Mats

There are plenty of items like this on the market so find the one that’s right for your friend and fur babe. These types of toys allow the pup to find treats that are hidden within the toy or mat. Dogs need to use their nose to move and slide pieces of the mat or toy to find treats hidden below.

It’s a great toy to help train pups no matter the age. It also provides a lot of fun and playtime for pups and humans to bond and build trust. For older dogs, it’s also a useful tool to keep them sprightly in their advanced years.  

Swag for Mom and Dad

Of course, the majority of gifts on here benefit the dogs slightly more. All dog parents would say this is how they like it, but you want to do something nice for them too. Why not buy some cute dog mom or dad swag? 

We have the most adorable collection of dog mom and dog dad hoodies and t-shirts to help you show off your puppy pride.

PAWZ apparel comes in an array of sizes, colors, and styles. You’ll definitely find the right fit for the dog lover in your life. Did we mention that we print everything in the United States, so we ensure the quality of every piece before it ships? We also use only the softest cotton and poly blends to keep you comfy and active all day. 

Wait — it gets even better! Every purchase on our site is a donation to no-kill shelters in the United States, whether it's a shirt, a sweater, or something else entirely. 


Doggie Wipes

So many dog lovers have standing monthly appointments with the groomer, but bathing most dogs any more than that can cause a lot of skin and coat issues. So, how can you keep a dog odor-free all month? Doggie wipes!

These are hypoallergenic wipes that help fight odors, and they can come in fun scents like lavender or rose petals. Dog parents can wipe Fido's coat clean after a long day of play to get rid of dander and pollen. It helps keep your friend’s house smelling good, so you can visit all the time.

Water Bottle

Is the dog lover in your life an avid hiker? This is totally a gift for them. Don't waste space carrying around an outdoor dog bowl when there's a better option for your furry friend.

There are water bottles on the market that have collapsible cups or special holders attached. This makes water drinking easy for the pups. It’s a helpful item to have because your doggie parent can drink water and then give some to their fur baby. 

Doing it all with one water bottle makes hiking adventures that much easier, so they can hit the road. 

Even if your dog lovers don’t hike, walks are a must for any pup. This is an adorable bottle to take even for a walk around the block. For those smaller dogs, this would be a perfect addition to daily shopping trips or other excursions. It makes sure that hydrating your pups is never a difficult task or something that a puppy parent has to stress over. 

Pet Safe Polish

Cat lovers and dog owners alike can benefit from an adorable, pet-safe mani-pedi kit this holiday season. 

For the dog lover in your life that likes a little extra, this is a great gift to pamper your pooch. There are polishes on the market that come in easy-to-use paintbrush shapes perfect for dog nails. The groomer already puts bows on their ears, why not give their paws a little pizzazz. 

This kitschy product is a fun and quick gift to give your friend on a special occasion, or just on a Tuesday! If it is for a special occasion, this could be a little addition to a bigger gift. And if you want to spoil everyone just because, this is perfect for that, too. 

Protecting Noses and Paws

Wax for noses and paws is an extremely useful gift for dog lovers. Many breeds of dogs have super sensitive noses. Even pups that don’t might live in areas with extreme weather conditions that will cause chapping. The same can be said for dogs that require a lot of physical activity — their little paws take on a lot of wear and tear. 

These waxes work just like lip balm for humans. It provides relief for any cracked nose or paw. The best part? Now that they have these balms, you can prevent some damage in the future. 

Donations in Their Name

Here at PAWZ, we are all about advocating for shelter dogs. If you’ve been around awhile, you know our mission. We partner with Best Friends Animal Society to help make all shelters in the U.S. no-kill by 2025. 

It’s an admirable goal, and we are so lucky to be a part of their mission. If you want to join the cause or you know your friend would want to help, a donation in their name is a great way to get involved. It shows them how much you appreciate their love of animals and you are inspired by them. They will be touched by this personal present. 

Personalized Dog Portrait

The sky's the limit with customized dog portraits. Many artists have emerged recently that will take a photo of your dog and turn it into a famous painting. You can do something more serious or something with a little more humor in the mix. Either way, it’s a fun and unique keepsake, and your friend will have the portrait furrever. 

This is definitely something that has been around a while. But in the past, it could be pretty pricey. With so many companies now offering this service, finding one within your price point should be a cinch. Make sure to pick something that speaks to the dog lover in your life. Finding something that their dog fits perfectly into as well is a big bonus. 

Bit of advice: try to give the artist plenty of reference photos to ensure that the pup is as realistic as possible. 

Your Dog Lover Will Thank You

We are so sure that these are the perfect gifts for dog lovers in your life. They’re fun and useful items that will speak to your friend and their fur baby. Presents aren’t always the easiest to give. Having items that will mean this much to their furry friends is the perfect way to show how much you care in a New York minute! 


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